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Steve Johnson

Born in Pensacola, Florida, Steve spent his wonder years growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Most of his working career was spent in the motorsports industry, building and racing cars and motorcycles on a professional level. Other occupations included ironworker welder, over-the-road trucker, factory-trained motorcycle mechanic, factory-trained auto mechanic, miner, and he also lived and worked in several top-secret areas of the Nevada Test Site. During the last several years of his working career, he held a mechanical engineering position with Army Special Forces at Fort Campbell Kentucky. After retiring in 2018, Steve began a new chapter in his book of life, writing a historical novel about the family Bible. While doing research for the book, he began to realize that our life is but a span. A small dash between two numbers. Nothing more than a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes (James 4:14). Steve encourages his family and friends to make the most of what little time they have by leaving lasting impressions for their posterity.

For a time will come when no one will remember who we were